Blog. I find myself busy these days, and so reduced to mini-blogs I can knock out in a hurry on the train home.

This week I have been reflecting on the benefits of a good performance development process in an organisation and why it helps everyone to have a development plan.

I’ve been reading a lot of competency frameworks and performance and professional development policies, systems and processes recently and a lot seem to feel only people at the lower end of performance spectrum should have a plan in place. I disagree.

One of the best line managers I ever worked for insisted everyone in his team had a development plan in place, especially his highest performers (like me, obv). What’s more, he used every one to one meeting as an opportunity to discuss the plan, to refine it and amend it as required. It was truly a living document, and when it came to end of year discussion time there was plenty of evidence to justify the rating, along with a platform for the next year’s plan to be built on.

No box ticking and back of an envelope scribbles before the leadership team review of the grades for us, just high quality development conversations and, on the back of that, some really strong development for everyone in the team, turning the lower performers into achievers and really stretching the best performers to even greater heights.

Have a think. Who has a performance plan in your team? Everyone? Just the poorer performers? Or no-one at all? If it’s either of the other two, then how do you develop? What guides you? Have a think.